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Sipario sound-absorbing system is made of modular panels with steel frame and washable, removable covering, made with Snowsound-Fiber® technology applied with Velcro® to the structure. The structure is anchored to the wall metal clamps equipped with special springs that give the structure elasticity while also making it possible to adjust the distance from the wall and the tilt of the panels. This regulates the sound-absorption level of every configuration, adapting it to a variety of needs. The composition of the panels creates a diversity of configurations, allowing the designer ample freedom of interpretation. The patented Snowsound-Fiber® technology relies on soft interwoven polyester fibers. The interaction between these special acoustic fibers, the design of the objects and support systems reduces annoying acoustic reverberations in rooms, while improving quality of life and work. Snowsound-Fiber® is tested to meet UNI EN ISO 354. The graphs for each application is available on our website The target of comprehensive, simple and fast recyclability at the end of the useful life is achieved thanks to a specific product design. This is why Snowsound-Fiber® is composed entirely in 100% recyclable polyester, Velcro® and sewing thread included. All components are also 100% recyclable. The superior quality of the materials and workmanship extends product life with the consequent decrease in materials and energy consumption.. Snowsound-Fiber® is free from detectable formaldehyde contents, tested according to the UNI EN 717-2. Class of reaction to fire: Euroclass B-s2, d0. Thanks to silver ions incorporated into the molecoules of the fiber, Snowsound-Fiber® limits the growth of bacteria. The effect is continuous and is not affected by washing or use. It also prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. Snowsound-Fiber® is machine washable at 60°C and can be ironed at low temperature (max 110°C), while still preserving its fire-retardant and anti-bacterial qualities.

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