OBEX Office Panel Extender


OBEX cubicle panels extenders


Fit on top of your existing panels to enhance worker privacy and productivity. These adjustable extensions are designed to fit standard panel systems from all the major office furniture manufacturers;so itdoesn't matter what brand of cubicles you have on site. You can easily add better function and higher value to your current panel system with our innovative product. Your employees will immediately notice the way these panels reduce noise levels and help them focus.




- We have three adjustable brackets that fit panels from 1" to 3.75" thick.        
- No need to tear down existing cubicles, displace employees.
- No damage to existing panels.
- Easy install, less than 5 minutes with an allen wrench we provide.
      3 heights, 12", 18", and 24" tall.
      8 widths: 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, 66, and 72.
      Custom sizes are available.
Materials & Colors 
      Dividers come framed with acoustical and polycarbonate tiles.
      Unframed with clear and frosted acrylic.
      Acoustical tiles come in 20 standard fabrics.
      Polycarbonate is available in 5 standard colors
      Frames available in 12 standard colors. Custom colors also available.



  • SKU OCPE-01
    Weight 10.0000

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